Manhattan and Hudson sofas

Kingcome’s Manhattan and Hudson sofas are related designs in a timeless, sophisticated style.

Both have a tight sprung back which remains looking neat and smooth even after providing years of comfort. The Manhattan’s arms come to the front in a square, simple style, whereas the Hudson’s arms are set back.

Particularly comfortable, these sofas are offered in 2, 2½ or 3 seat sofa widths to suit room proportions. As with all Kingcome sofas, the sofa size and cushion configuration can also be made to measure to your own preference – sometimes single squab seat cushions are preferred.

Both the Manhattan and Hudson sofas translate very successfully into corner seating or chaise units; designed to dimensions of your own specification. The orientation – right or left corner / chaise – is also of your choosing. Both sofas also work well as sofa beds, incorporating a luxuriously comfortable mattress and bed mechanism available in different widths.

Our skilled team have reupholstered Manhattan and Hudson sofas which have been loved for many years and require a refresh – these models return to their owners looking and feeling like brand new furniture.

The unfussy, straight lines of these designs are absolutely timeless, providing many years of enjoyment without dating in style. Manhattan and Hudson sofas can carry bold, vibrant fabrics and patterns, creating a stunning centrepiece in the room.

Pictured: Hudson sofa with corner chaise