British made furniture

At Kingcome Sofas, every piece of furniture is truly made in England.

The finest craftsmanship goes into making Kingcome’s handmade sofas and chairs. All of the furniture made in Kingcome’s workshop in the heart of Devon is handcrafted and made to order by a specialist team of craftspeople whose disciplines range from cabinet making, carpentry, wood turning, polishing, pattern cutting, upholstery, machine sewing and hand sewing.

Kingcome’s furniture is ‘handmade in England’ in every sense of the phrase. At Kingcome we can tell you who out of our incredibly skilled team of craftspeople made each piece of your sofa – from the handcrafted frame and fabric cutting right down to who upholstered it.

All of our furniture made in our workshop is handmade to fit your specific requirements, and our unwavering commitment to quality and longevity means we source only the best materials so you get the exact piece of made-to-measure furniture that you desire.

Many of our craftspeople have worked with Kingcome for decades, having learned their craft from fellow experienced colleagues. These senior craftspeople are passing on their knowledge to our younger team members, ensuring that traditional English skills continue into the future.

We happily welcome visitors to our Devon workshop by appointment, where you will see at work our 40 staff who handcraft every piece of Kingcome furniture.