Bedroom furniture

Generously proportioned bedrooms and dressing rooms befit comfortable furniture in addition to bed and clothing storage. Several Kingcome chair designs, such as the Pollyanna, Knightsbridge, Lucerne and Berkeley, are neat and compact to suit rooms such as these.

A further practical and attractive option for a spacious bedroom is to have a stool or bench at the foot of the bed. This provides a comfortable place to briefly perch while also creating a stylish ‘end’ to the bed. Generally such a stool would be somewhat shorter than the width of the bed and likewise lower; and be positioned centrally to the bed to create symmetry.

Our Kingcome Emma stool is the perfect piece to situate at the foot of a bed, providing a period feel with stylish scroll ends. As with all our designs, this can be made to your own dimensions and wood finish, or indeed without a scroll if preferred.

As a practical storage solution, the box ottoman is a very popular choice with clients. Brought to Europe from the Ottoman Empire in the late 18th Century, ottomans later developed to have hinged seats with storage underneath.

The Kingcome box ottoman can be made with a hinged lid; ideal for storing blankets, eiderdowns or decorative cushions from the bed. The interior of the box can be lined with fabric or finished in timber polished veneer, for a stylish and substantial piece.