Kingcome’s bespoke and unique furniture

Kingcome Sofas are renowned for quality English craftsmanship, making furniture of the highest calibre. Our skilled, experienced team are able to create unique furniture from an interior designer’s concept sketch, an antique piece, or our own designs inspired by design movements or referencing historical periods.

The bespoke nature of much of Kingcome’s work means that for decades our craftspeople have been challenged to apply their knowledge making bespoke and singular furniture for a wide variety of destinations.

Castles, villas, chateaux, stately homes and ski lodges across the globe boast Kingcome furniture, some of considerable dimensions and uniqueness.

Stunning bespoke furniture for superyachts can be measurement critical, requiring a high degree of skill. For private cinemas, functional equipment such as reclining mechanisms may need to be seamlessly incorporated, whilst still ensuring great comfort.

Our pattern cutting, sewing and upholstery teams are experienced in handling a great variety of fabrics with skill and flair. Many fabrics are extremely valuable and require an expert eye.

Kingcome Sofas is unrivalled in creating timeless bespoke furniture while providing a discreet first class service to clients.

Image shows a record breaking 15′ 6″ sofa in natural suede made by Kingcome Sofas.