Design details: Skirts and fringing

Skirts and fringing are finishing touches now experiencing a resurgence following years of minimalist design.

The traditional look of skirts and the opulence of fringes have always befitted grand apartments and houses, and long been appreciated by designers for this purpose. However, the design versatility of skirts and fringes are now more broadly appreciated.

Different skirt styles include corner kick pleat, box pleat and dressmakers skirts – the latter in particular giving a distinctive and clean outline which is suited to both contemporary and classic furniture designs.

Fringing can be found in a wide variety of colours and textures, from coordinating plains to highly elaborate and ornate designs.

Many Kingcome models look well with a skirt or fringe – the Chester being a fitting example. These details also finish a sofa bed to great effect, effectively covering the deeper base that the sofa bed mechanism necessitates.

At Kingcome Sofas our team of skilled seamstresses and upholsterers are proud to sew all skirts and fringing to our furniture models by hand, with incredible care and attention to detail.