Kingcome’s new Albany sofa and chair

Kingcome are pleased to introduce our newest model, the Albany. Available as both sofa and chair, this striking contemporary design makes a bold statement.

Its uncluttered, curved contours look stunning in a modern interior, whether highlighted by vibrant colours, bold patterns, strong textures, or by sophisticated neutral fabrics.

With both a sprung back and seat, the Albany offers a clean, minimalist aesthetic. The inset wooden plinth can be made in a variety of stained or painted wood finishes to complement your design scheme.

Kingcome’s handmade production and skilled craftsmanship means that clients can enjoy the stylish Albany as a 2, 2½ or 3 seat sofa. The Albany sofa combines beautifully with its partner chair; contrasting upholstery can be used on each piece to great effect.

Kingcome’s circular or oval Milton stools are an ideal choice to reflect the Albany’s curved lines while adding a comfortable footrest or perch to the room.