Seat fillings

At Kingcome Sofas, your cushion specification can be as individual as your furniture.

We offer a choice of three cushion filling variants, each of which provides a different ‘sit’.

Foam and Dacron is a comfortable, robust option with the additional benefit of being low maintenance. We offer a choice of firmness to allow for personal preference. Visually, foam and dacron cushions work particularly well for contemporary styles with a defined cushion outline.

Feather and Down, which is 70% feather and 30% down as standard. These cushions provide a sumptuous feel and traditional comfort. Feather and down cushions will require plumping to refresh the shape and enliven the feather interior after sitting. If preferred, we can provide a higher down content for even greater luxuriance. With their softer appearance, feather and down cushions particularly complement traditional styles.

Kingcome’s Feather and Down Duvet Wrap cushions arguably provide the best of both worlds. These cushions have a beautifully luxurious feel, but are lower maintenance with notably less plumping required than feather and down. This hybrid cushion design consists of a foam core wrapped in a feather and down-filled duvet, providing longlasting comfort and superior support.

We invite Kingcome clients to visit our London showroom to try each option for themselves. Here, clients can choose the ideal filling from our range to complement personal preference, sofa design and lifestyle for a perfectly bespoke choice.