Paul Milton, Head Frame Maker

Paul Milton oversees a team of 9 in Kingcome Sofas’ frameshop, where he has worked for the past 18 years. Paul originally ran his own business, including carrying out woodturning for Kingcome, before joining us full time. Paul’s team includes craftspeople with decades of experience in joinery and cabinet making, as well as young trainees fresh from College. This broad range of skills and experience enables the team to take on made to measure furniture, as well as bespoke furniture with design complexities.

Precision is key in the frameshop, where they can be working to tolerances of just a millimetre.

Liaison between departments is also vital, especially with bespoke furniture – sectional pieces are a particularly challenging part of the role but one that Paul and team embrace:


“Bespoke is what Kingcome is known for; we try to accommodate all requirements. It has to be right.”


The mix of both standard and bespoke builds, the close liaison between teams and the variety of end destinations for furniture, provide reward and satisfaction for Paul.

The beauty of the cycle sees the team occasionally working on Kingcome furniture produced many decades ago, handed down from parents to their children and returned to Kingcome for reupholstery, whereby Paul and team will take the opportunity to check the original frames for structural integrity. When each piece of furniture is handcrafted by individual people, they can identify a piece they worked on even decades ago.