Pattern matching

Kingcome Sofas is renowned for its unrivalled pattern matching and fabric cutting expertise. Our skilled craftspeople are dedicated specialists in their individual disciplines having honed their expertise over many years; each producing the highest quality workmanship to ensure the furniture lasts a lifetime.

Pattern matching is a hallmark of high quality furniture; as much an art as it is a skill.

Certain fabric patterns will require more material than others, for example to ensure the pattern matches correctly over specific parts of the sofa, where the nap of a raised fabric such as velvet should match; this is where the expert advice of our staff is invaluable – their knowledge is based on decades of experience working with fabrics and patterns.

Every fabric is different and requires treating as such – no fabric cutting or pattern matching is ‘standard’ at Kingcome, every piece of fabric is cut, sewn and finished by an individual person for each separate piece of furniture.

The personalised hallmark of Kingcome Sofas is that we are able to tell you which craftsperson in our skilled team made each element of your sofa, making it a truly timeless, handmade, bespoke piece of furniture.