The Stool by Kingcome


Versatile stools are a perfect surface on which to place a magazine or tray of refreshments, to perch or put your feet up, providing an accent within interior schemes to wonderful effect.

Kingcome stools are designed to perfectly complement our sofas and chairs. Our designs include both traditional and contemporary styles, rectangular or square stools and a box ottoman design, adding concealed storage space perfect for a throw, blanket or books.

Modern cubes are ideally suited to contemporary living spaces, adding colour and brightening a room. Our Miami design comes in small, medium and large sizes to suit room proportions, and the strong shape lends itself to bold fabric choices.

Robustly constructed, Kingcome stools ensure longevity in their stability and unrivalled craftsmanship while retaining the style, elegance and comfort that our customers expect. At Kingcome we will ensure that your fabric choice is matched perfectly with your sofa to ensure absolute coordination, and our pattern cutters’ skill and attention to detail means you are assured that your fabric choice will flow beautifully across seams and cushions.

As well as our range of stool designs, we also offer ‘run ups’. These are designed to be used as a footrest, with a fixed cushion top, and specifically styled to mirror the style and size of your chosen sofa or chair.  A good example of a ‘run up’ is our Dorset stool – regularly requested to complement our perennially popular and deeply comfortable Dorset chair.

As with all our furniture, our stools can be made to measure to your own requirements – sizes can be altered, and leg styles, button and grid details can all be changed to suit you. Our designers are also able to interpret antique designs or develop bespoke furniture to bring interiors to life.