The sofa bed by Kingcome

At Kingcome we understand that extra guest space is occasionally required, so all our sofa designs can be adapted to accommodate a sofa bed mechanism.

Be it a 2, 2½ or 3 seat Kingcome sofa, a corner chaise or unit, or even your own bespoke design, we can produce it as a genuinely comfortable sofa bed version.

Sofa proportions are modified where appropriate to ensure that the bed frame is beautifully concealed with no compromise on the exterior style of the sofa.

Most importantly, we have gone to great lengths to ensure that genuine comfort has been achieved, both as a sofa and as a bed.

No sacrifice is made in the quality of craftsmanship. To ensure the same luxurious ‘sit’ we find that seat cushions made with our feather and down duvet wrap interior are best suited to sofa beds for long lasting comfort.  

A Kingcome sofa bed features the highest quality frame and mechanism. The sofa bed is robust, long lasting and easy to unfold and put away with a simple pull-out/fold back mechanism. The comfortable memory foam mattress is efficiently stored within the sofa base along with the metal frame.

Five different mattress widths are available and can be fitted to the left, centre or right of the sofa frame, if a narrower bed is required.

This specification allows a stylish, elegant sofa to become a comfortable guest bed within moments – Kingcome Sofas’ made to measure craftsmanship and quality of design combined with eminent practicality and efficiency.